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Your Exhaust System

Your vehicle has many systems that work together so that every time you turn the key, it starts and gets you where you need to be. One of those important systems is the exhaust. The primary function of this system is important to your own personal well being. It keeps harmful gases, the result of combustion, from entering the interior of your car. These gases include carbon monoxide. Secondly, the exhaust system works to reduce the amount of harmful gases produced, and third, it also helps reduce the level of noise the engine makes.As with any system, there can be problems, so itís important for you to know the signs and what to do. Briefly, the exhaust system consists of the exhaust manifold, which leads to the exhaust pipe, the catalytic converter, the muffler and lastly, the tail pipe. The manifoldís job is to collect the harmful gases and sends them to the catalytic converter, which then converts the gases to less harmful ones, like carbon dioxide. The muffler does what itís name muffles the loud noises your engine makes. The tail pipe releases the newly converted gases into the air. Now that you have the basics of the exhaust system, there are three things that can indicate a problem. First, letís start with what you can hear. Any noise, like a clunk, rattle or thump from the undercarriage of your car, is a good sign that there is a broken part in your exhaust system. The location of the loud noise is a good indication of the problem. For example, if itís coming from the engine, it could be a cracked exhaust manifold, or just from the engine area in general could mean the muffler is the problem. If you hear ticking, high-pitched hissing or a whistling noise coming from your tail pipe, then you guessed it, the tail pipe is the likely culprit.Second, your sense of smell can tell you if there is a problem. If you can smell exhaust while in your car, then itís almost certain that there is a leak that is allowing those gases to be recirculated back inside. If you smell something that is sharp, acidic or unusually sweet, that means the noxious emissions are leaking into your car thanks to a break in the exhaust system. Third, your eyes are a good tool to spot a problem. If you see rust, erosion or cracks in the tail pipe or muffler, there is definitely a problem with the exhaust system. If you see exhaust coming out of your car anywhere else besides the tail pipe, itís a definite sign of a leak. Any sign of a problem with your carís exhaust system is something you need to have your trusted service technician diagnose and repair sooner than later. You want to keep your car functioning at its best, and you want to protect your health and that of your loved ones.

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